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One Major Reason Why Reputation Management is Important

In an online world rife with fake news, viral posts, and instantaneous reactions, reputation management is increasingly important. One bad Yelp review, embarrassing hashtag or unfortunate photo will find years of hard work undone in several days, if not hours. Although managing your reputation may be important for the overall health of your business, the major reason behind reputation management's importance lies in its ability to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Here's a tip and an example.

Be Proactive

No one sets out looking for a bad review. But, when an unhappy customer, a jealous competitor or a viral hashtag puts your business in the spotlight, it's important to issue a response. Whether it is to assuage the customer by offering free services and refunds, correcting an error or reinforcing your organization's principles, your response is important. Reputation management software systems monitor any online mention of your business, allowing you to respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

But, how should you respond?

Your response will be suited to the situation and to your brand. The major reason reputation management is important is the role it plays in showing potential customers what your business is all about. Here's an example:

Perhaps you heard the story about the dive bar in New York City that received a one-star Yelp review. The bar owners chided the reviewer, through a direct response, on her inability to choose a restaurant that met her preferences. She wanted a quiet spot for a beer with friends and decided to choose a dive bar. The owners pointed out that the review was unfair, not because of anything the bar did wrong, but because of the reviewer's unfounded expectations (read the full response here, it's worth it).

Take note of this response. Not everyone is going to like your brand or your business model. This is fine. You can't please everyone, nor should you aim to. But the Iron Horse in NYC spun this poor review into gold. By identifying their niche and staying true to their brand, they were able to garner international attention while reaching out to a larger audience of potential customers.

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Posted 1/25/2017 2:25:33 PM