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Configuration tool (cc.exe)

The Configuration Tool (cc.exe) is a Windows command line program that creates and manages applications on a server.

Download and install the program from the downloads page. Open a command window in the program files folder, by default c:\program files (x86)\kma\contensive5. To get help, just run the command (cc.exe) without arguments. 




Get the current version of Contensive software running on the server. The code runs the configuration tool, as well as task schedulers and task runners installed on this machine. (not websites)

>cc -v


Display this servers confiruarion

>cc -s

New Application

Create a new application. This command adds the application to the server (database, filesystem), as well as creates a website instance in the local IIS server and binds the domain to the site.

>cc -n

Upgrade Application

Upgrade the database and addon collections for the application myapp

>cc -a myapp -u

Upgrade All Applications

Upgrade All Applications in the server group

>cc --upgradeall

TaskScheduler Control

  Enable or disable the taskscheduler service

>cc -taskscheduler [on|off]

Run it in the current process

>cc -taskschedler run

TaskRunner Control

Enable or disable the taskrunner service

>cc -taskrunner [on|off]

Run it in the current process

>cc -taskrunner run