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Install Contensive and add it to a Dot Net website

A Contensive application includes a group of settings that includes Db connection string, file storage locations, cache configuration. A command line application is used to setup and manage those settings. Components available in NuGet can be addeed to your application to provide access to those settings.

Create an AWS EC2 instance with SQL Server Express

  • Use the most recent version of Microsoft Windows Server
  • Download and install the most recent version of Sql Server Express

Use the command line tool to configure the server and create a new application

  • Download and install the command line configuration tool
  • Run cc --configure to configure the server resources like Db connection string
  • Run cc -n to create a new application and configure specific requirements

Download the sample IIS dotnet website zip file and install to the new website

  • Download the iisDefaultSite.zip
  • Use the IIS Manager GUI to Import the application