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How to Create an Amazon Windows 2019 Server for Contensive

  1. Log on to your AWS account
  2. Go to EC2
  3. Create a new instance
  4. Windows 2019
  5. If you are using Amazon RDS as your database, a T2-micro is ok. If you will install Sql Express, you will need a T2-small for the database
  6. Name the instance
  7. Allocate and Elastic IP and assign it to the instance
  8. Connect - retrieving the Administrator password from the AWS connect account
  9. Turn off I.E. enhanced Security
  10. Download Chrome
  11. Install IIS, Start > Control Panel > programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on
  12. Install Web Platform Installed by downloading
  13. Use Web Platform installer to install Web Deploy 3.6 or newer, with Web Deployment Tool 2.1 or newer
  14. Download and install Sql Express 2017
  15. Install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)
  16. Open SSMS and create an account to administer the database, security > Login > New Login > TestAdmin/test, disable security rules, Roles > Set SystAdmin
  17. Set Sql to accept connections with Sql Authentication > Top Node > Properties > Security > checkbox
  18. Restart the server.