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Add-on Overview

Contensive Executes Add-ons

Developers create add-ons and configure them to run many ways.

  • Remote Methods are add-ons called with a url to get data, post data, etc.
  • Event Processing Add-ons run code in the background whenever a specific event takes place (like an invoice payment, or a visit to a page)
  • Design Block Add-ons are content blocks of dynamic html added to any page on a site.
  • Background Process Addons are timed events set to run periodically to execute background processes.

Add-on Features are Defined by Fields in an Add-on Record

To make an addon, add a record to the addon content and set the fields to indicate when and how it runs.

  • A Remote Method Addon with a valid name and the RemoteMethod checkbox checked. When a URL is hit that matches the add-on name, the addon is executed.
  • A Process Add-on has an interval (minutes between execution, next execution time, etc.) set in the Process Tab.

Add-ons Can Include Code like DotNet C# or Node Javascript

When an add-on is executed, if it includes a DotNet Class name, the system loads the add-on's assembly and calls the execute() method in a class specified in the addon. If the addon include Server-Side Javascript code, it executes the code with Node. See Dot Net examples.