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Contensive Core Library

What is Contensive?  

Contensive is an extensible pattern for creating dotnet based applications on Amazon Web Services, without web frameworks like webforms, mvc, etc.

The git project and documentation was created for our employees, clients, partners and friends. We thank everyone for contributions and now allow anyone to fork, clone and contribute directly.

How do I get started?

The development environment is a Windows machine (or server) with IIS and Sql Server (including express) installed. There are several scenarios with slightly different requirements. We have focused documentation primary on these use cases. 

  1. Setup a sample single-server website
    • Create an Amazon EC2 T2 micro instance with Windows 2008+ and iis web server.
    • Configure an instance of Sql Server. You can download Sql Server Express for free, or use an Amazon RDS instance.
    • Download and install the Contensive library. This includes a command line interface to create and manage applications, a windows service to schedule and run tasks you write, and a sample aspx website template. 
    • To create an application, start a command prompt in the program files folder and run >clib -n
    • Follow the prompts to build a sample application and an iis interface to it.
    • To run background tasks, use the Contensive Service installed during setup. Start the service and set it to automatic start. There are two processes involved, the Task Scheduler queries applications for tasks to run, and the Task Running executes tasks as they are found. In a single server environment, both are enabled by default. Use the command line program to enable and disable them as needed.
  2. A single-server online application
    • This configuration has the domain bound to a static website server. The dynamic elements are called from client-side ajax requests. 
    • Add the nuget package Contensive.clib to your Dotnet application. 
    • Download the server manager command line program and initialize a Contensive application for your project. 
    • For more details you have to wait for the Getting Started section.
  3. A multi-server online application (documentation to come).

Where do I get it?

To add Contensive references to your Visual Studio project, use NuGet

The command line server manager tool and supporting utilities are available on

The source code is available on GitHub.

For older projects,  download and install version 4.1. The developer API documentation and the user documentation are the same. The primary differences are the server implementation strategy (from DCOM to dotnet), deprecating COM addons, and moving to an open source model.

How can I get help?

Contensive customers can always contact If you are interested in a person to help, please contact for support agreement details.

For support as an site manager on the administration site, editing records, managing people, email, etc, please take a look at user sections in our  Wiki.

For developers, there is basic introduction on the  GitHub Wiki, and more detailed documentation on our Company Wiki, and public API

If you found a bug, please search and contribute to the Github issue log.

To use the Contensive Library (clib) in Visual Studio, add the  NuGet Module

To manage an application on the server, download and install the  Server Manager

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