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Why Everyone And Their Grandma Has A Mobile Application

According to a fact published by The International Telecommunication Union, more than 96% of the world's population has a mobile subscription. That more than likely includes you and I, and,undoubtedly has us expecting more interaction with those devices. Whether that "more" includes productivity, entertainment, or social media - we need it.

As manufacturers produce bigger, stronger, faster devices, developers are seeing a growing demand on their skill sets as well. This may have you thinking "great another version of birds vs. pigs," but in actuality, mobile enterprise apps are on the rise as well. In fact, over the last few years a major mobile app market claimed a growth of nearly 200% when it came to interest in mobile enterprise applications.

Now that we have a new way of thinking about how we communicate on a daily basis, expansion in productivity and entertainment by way of mobile applications will more than likely continue to be the everyday way of thinking.

Joshua Foster

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 11/1/2013 2:07:23 PM