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What Is A Sprint in Agile Development

You don't need to employ a team of olympic athletes for your organization to excel in an agile business environment, but it does help if you have some very capable corporate sprinters to succeed in an agile development strategy.

What is a sprint in agile product development, you may ask? A sprint is a timeframe where specific work or a project must be finished, submitted, and ready for review. Here is a breakdown of a typical product development sprint:

  • The Starting Line – A planning meeting kicks off the sprint. It's symbolic of a starting gun going off to begin a race. This is where terms are agreed upon between the person requesting the work (a project lead) and the team that is to perform the requested actions. Usually, the team has the final say as to what is a reasonable expectation for time considering all the work variables. Consequently, the person requesting the work usually has the final say in what the criteria will be to determine successful completion.
  • The Action – The product development team holds daily meetings as check-ins where progress is evaluated and solutions are collectively troubleshot to complex problems and obstacles that stand in the way of what is believed to be successful project completion. The person requesting the work is usually encouraged to stay out of the way here and let the team go to work. He or she can attend daily meetings, but should remain silent for the most part.
  • The Finish Line – After an exhausting and challenging sprint, the team presents their finished product to the project lead. The work is then evaluated by this person based on the previously agreed upon criteria, and it is either accepted or rejected accordingly.

Product development sprints can be very useful in software development at breaking down large projects in smaller and more manageable tasks. They encourage teamwork and usually generate a lot of creative process improvements and innovative ideas.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 3/13/2017 2:35:08 PM