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Two Benefits of the Iterative Website Development Process

In many ways, the website development process borrows its strategy from SCRUM, a software development process. Software developers employ SCRUM to speed the development process and catch errors along the way. It encourages collaboration between businesses, customers and developers and reflects a businesses workflow and core mission.

When website developers use iterative processes the result is a company website that is easily redesigned, flexible and set to grow as the business grows. Here's how it works.

Development Sprints

Iterations, also called sprints, are used by software developers working in tandem on a design. Each developer has a task related to the outcome. The developers and other stakeholders meet at two week intervals, or less, to tweak and refine their work. This limits the possibility of ingrained errors and also speeds the development process.

Timely and Relevant

Marketers can't afford to stall their efforts for a long-term site design. Additionally, the data and metrics marketers gather should inform the site design.

The iterative strategy allows quantitative marketing insights to remain fluid and meaningful to the site's users, both in terms of content and design. As new information is gathered, the site is designed to readily incorporate changes.

How does the iterative strategy work?

Software developers use the SCRUM process to build software that is relevant to an ever-changing ecosystem. The reason marketers and website developers borrow elements of this strategy is two-fold.

First, the site design is flexible and open for regular updates, rather than holding static for years at a time. Second, insights gathered by the marketing team are implemented at regular intervals.

In short, design reflects quantitative data to inform the site's appearance and improve the user experience. And all of this is done rapidly so businesses don't waste time with static, out-dated sites.

To find out more about the iterative development process and your business' website, please contact us.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 9/13/2016 10:42:12 AM