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The Framework of the "Scrum" Process in Agile development

Developing a more engaged and focused team is what any business needs, especially with large goals, complex projects, and important objectives in mind. But what can allow you to reach that goal? In agile development, "scrum" has been a popular answer to businesses wanting greater production, speed, and engagement from their employees. But What is the "scrum" framework in Agile development, and how does it build success? Here's a simple breakdown of the scrum process and its results.

A Breakdown of Scrum

The scrum framework is broken down into 4 major parts:

1. Sprint Planning: A "sprint" is a designated timed period to complete certain stories and projects. The sprint planning meeting determines which tasks need to be done to meet the sprint objectives.

2. Daily Scrum: The daily scrum is a short meeting dedicated to just the sprint goals, and reviews what was completed, what needs to be done, and what might be in the way of completion. It helps keeps members focused, up-to-date on finished components, what tasks are left, and how to better manage and prioritize tasks.

3. Sprint Review: At the end of the sprint, members review their achievements and completed tasks. Typically, members will be able to demo or present their contributions informally.

4. Sprint Retrospective: The sprint retrospective allows for members to reflect on their own performance and adjust the process for greater efficiency. Together, the team could talk about what works, what doesn't, and what to tweak or stop doing for greater success.

By moving through these 4 motions, teams can improve their efficiency and complete necessary tasks together. In addition, it allows for members hold themselves accountable as individuals and as a team. In all, the team engagement with scrum helps move projects along quickly and give employees a measurable goal to work on. This focuses their energy on the most important jobs.

Contensive can help you reach your goals with scrum and agile development. To learn more about how agile development can move you forward, contact us.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/22/2016 11:33:20 AM