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The Building Blocks of Effective Business Website Development

Having an effective website can be a huge revenue booster for any small business. As the web becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, not having a website or having an outdated, ineffective website can have a negative impact on your business. There are a few traits of effective business websites that every business should try to replicate in their own designs, or when working with a business website development company. Try to keep these traits in mind when having a new website designed.

Clean and Readable

Although web design might seem like the appropriate time to get artsy and really try to impress your customers, resist that temptation. A clean and readable design is the most important traits of any effective business website. A good website should catch the eye of the visitor without sacrificing readability. It is critical that the information on the page is easily digested by your audience as it plays the most critical role in their decision to purchase your product.

Although "screen real estate" has always been a focus for web design companies, recent web design trends have shifted toward leaving more white space within the design. This helps to space out the design elements of the website and allow for easier reading and digestion of the information on the page.

Simple and Straight-Forward Navigation

Although your homepage might be the main draw to your website, all websites have several other critical pages that customers go to for information and to learn more about your product or service. Making it easy for them to navigate from one page to another is important for nudging them along toward making the purchasing decision. A good rule of thumb is to try to ensure that every page of your website is no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage.

Original, Informative Content

When your customers have questions about your product, service, or industry, you want them to come to you for their answer and not a competitor. Having high quality, informative original content on your website can be a huge draw for new customers. Many businesses opt to publish a weekly blog, with each post covering a different aspect of their industry each week. This helps to establish your business as an authority while helping to educate your customers. Try to publish original, informative content on a regular basis.

Brand Voice and Personality

Every business has its own unique voice and personality. It is important that your businesses' brand voice is accurately portrayed on your website as well. Don't be afraid to include pictures of your team, or go against the grain when comparing your own website to your competitors'. Try to convey the unique traits that your company has on your website.

Responsive Designs for Mobile Users

In 2014, mobile usage overtook desktop PC usage online. Around the same time, Google announced that they would be giving increased exposure to mobile-ready websites in their search engine. For these reasons, all businesses should have a mobile-ready website to cater to those users. Responsive technology has come to the forefront as the most popular mobile web design technology and is an excellent choice for any business. Responsive technology is ideal because it doesn't require separate web designs for separate users, it simply re-sizes your current website to fit well on mobile screens.

If you would like an effective website for your business, please do not hesitate to reach out an contact us today. We will examine your current web presence, identify where it could be improved and put together an initial action plan during your consultation. We love working closely with businesses to improve their revenue and help them reach a wider audience.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 6/9/2016 11:06:52 AM