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Simple Website Lead Generation In 5 Easy Steps

Our lead generation program has been very successful to date. The two most important factors for us are simplicity and tracking. It has to be simple to get off the ground, and we track results to interactively improve. Tracking is like monitoring, anything you are not tracking is probably broken and you don’t know it yet.

Here are five simple guidelines that helped us get started.

Develop a Flowchart that Describes Your Process

This is what we use:

Impressions - all the people in your audience, the people you reached

(convert to) prospects - those that noticed you and clicked through

(convert to) leads - were willing to surrender information about themselves

(convert to) qualified leads - potential customers

(convert to) sales - you convinced them to purchase

It does not have to be perfect. For instance, not all sales will come from qualified leads, and not all qualified leads will come from leads, etc. There is time later to refine. Compromise now to get started.

Follow a disciplined SEO regiment

No matter how you convert impressions to prospects (attract visitors to your site), the search engine keyword concept applies. These are phrases that are commonly used to describe your marketing message, your value-add.

Start by selecting relevant, productive keyword phrases. The Google Keyword planner in Google Adwords is a great tool to find phrases. Optimize pages on your site for those phrases.

Create special pages tuned to specific phrases that may not be on your site menuing. These are your landing pages. Landing pages are there for only one purpose, convert prospects. Be sure they are included in your SEO site map.

Convert Prospects to Leads with a Call To Action (CTA)

You likely have at least three groups of prospects; leads, qualified leads, and the rest. When a prospect lands on your site, be sure you always give them an appropriate CTA. If they land on your landing page, give leads and qualified leads unique CTAs, and limit other distractions like your site menu, etc.

A lead might click a button that offers more information about your product. A qualified lead would be more likely to click a button asking for someone to contact them.

When they click the action, use forms to collect contact information, or at least their email address.

Nurture Your Leads into Qualified Leads

If a prospect asks to download your white paper on weight-loss, add them to a list of leads interested in weight loss. You might have a dozen or more topics on your site. Then periodically email offers to your ”topic mailing lists”. Have them respond to similar landing pages, encouraging them to take the next level of offer and fill out a qualified lead form.

Call Your Qualified Leads Quickly

When they are at the point of asking for information, they will likely ask other people as well.

-Jay Kidwell

Posted By Jay Kidwell | 11/13/2013 4:26:34 PM