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Responsive web design


An Essential Element for your Website

With a record number of Americans accessing the internet via a mobile device, it is crucial for any business to develop a website that is responsive, or in other words, mobile-friendly. According to Think with Google, "When a question or need arises, our phones are far and away our most trusted resource, with 96% of people using a smartphone to get things done."

Designing a site with a responsive web design intact is essential for optimizing a viewer's mobile experience, which over time, increases conversion rates. A responsive website allows webpages to adjust in response to the size of the device the viewer is using. Navigation becomes simplified, the webpage maintains a consistent flow, and webpages load faster. This ultimately leaves the viewer less frustrated. In fact, Google found that

"When your site or app is clumsy or slow, 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn't satisfy their needs (that is, they can't find information or it's too slow). Of those who switch, 70% do so because of lagging load times. And 67% will switch if takes too many steps to purchase or get desired information."
By keeping it simple and leaving viewers with a positive experience, they are more likely to return.

Sites that are responsive are ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When a website is search engine friendly, it ensures that viewers will be able to find it. Additionally, Google prefers responsive design and uses mobile friendliness as a ranking criteria. If a website is not responsive, it will have negative SEO and decreased search engine rankings.
And lastly, since new devices for web browsing get released continuously, a responsive web design will always adjust to the proper screen size, making certain a site looks flawless and operates seamlessly.

If you're ready to make your website responsive, contact us and let our talented team of engineers, analysts and designers help you.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/3/2018 5:37:13 PM