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reCaptcha Addon

The reCaptcha addon provides the necessary programming routines to add the reCaptcha function to any form.

Adding reCaptcha to a Form

To add recaptcha to a form wizard form, open the form to the page where you want to put the recaptcha function. Add the following code to the page:

Click OK to save changes.

There are three addons in the collection:


This addon can be dropped on a dynamic form to add reCaptcha. It includes both the Display and Process components. When the form is created, this addon produces the reCaptcha form. When the form is processed, if there is an error this addon creates a userError that can be used by the host process to block the forms progress.

reCaptcha Display

The display creates the recaptcha form that a user has to complete. Add the output of this addon to your form.

reCaptcha Process

The reCaptcha process reads the input from the stream or cp.doc.setproperty() for Challenge and Response and returns either an empty string if it is OK, or the error if there was a problem.