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New SLA Billing

A little while back, we got an email from an client who just purchased some third party software and wanted to add it to their site.  They weren't sure how to do this so they emailed support and asked for help.  After looking at the functionality we discovered it was built to run on PHP, their site was built on ASP (if I've lost you, the programming specifics are not to germane to the story, so bear with me). 

The support technician was now faced with a dilemma, should they provide detailed instructions to the Content Manager knowing they might not be able to understand and follow them (because if they understood programming enough to add the functionality they wouldn't have purchased a PHP app in the first place) or send this over to sales to go through the process of writing up a quote for doing it for them, getting approval and then waiting for a slot to open on the schedule.

That's where the idea for SLA billing was born.  With an SLA in place that user could have simply emailed or called and asked that the app be added to their site and it would have been taken care of at a lower cost and faster than waiting for the bureaucratic process of creating approving and scheduling a task quote. We feel like we should be available to be your technology partners for your web site whether or not what you need is built by Contensive. An SLA offers you the flexibility to get these smaller jobs done more quickly and at a reduced rate, or simply to offer advice and guidance about what you should or shouldn't add to your site.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in check out this link to find out more.

Posted 3/22/2012 1:05:17 PM