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Mobile Application Development: Freelance vs. Development Company

So you’ve decided to develop a mobile application for your business? That’s fantastic! Your business is about to grow in some new and exciting ways, but now that you’ve decided to take this next big step, how are you going to go about doing this? There are tons of development companies, chances are, there is probably a plethora in your area, or maybe you’re thinking all you need is a freelance developer. How can you tell what is right for your needs?

As with any two comparable items, there are pros and cons to both, but in the long run, it is apparent that it is more beneficial to stick with a professional development team than a free lance designer (or developer) for several reasons, most of which will help your company long term, and not just getting your mobile application off the ground.

Just like with any purchase, when you shop brands, you pay more, but you are not only paying for the product, you’re paying for the guarantee of quality as well. The same goes for an app development company. You’re going to pay a little more, but the code you are getting is backed by a business that has customer service standards and best practices it adheres too. On the downside, a business with set standards might have a bit of red tape to avoid when it comes to what it is that you want, whereas a freelance designer is not confined to regulations.

Being free from the confines of a company’s policies and being less expensive than those development companies are actually about the only positives that a freelance developer has over that of a development business. With a development firm, you receive input from an entire team of knowledgeable developers, whereas a freelance developer is limited to his/her own knowledge, and even worse, often times freelance solutions can be outdated. With a professional team you receive quality service from a group of knowledgeable programmers and designers with the most up to date information.

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Meghann Kinshella

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 11/15/2013 3:52:57 PM