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Mobile App Creation

Mobile applications have become increasingly popular as a tool to engage consumers with various companies. Consumers download an average of 8 applications a day, be they gaming, photo editing, news, or social media apps. Companies and individuals that have an idea for a great application and see it through often find themselves building a multi-billion dollar empire!

Do you want to develop your own app? Have a great idea for a gaming app or want to make your own blog more accessible to the public? It's easier than ever before to create and implement an app for the public. There are a few simple steps to follow in order to bring your idea to life!

First, figure out what type of application you want to create. Take a look at the Android, Google, or Apple stores for ideas on different genres to choose from. The most popular choices tend to be games, photo editing, and social media, but you are free to create whatever app you want! Also, look at the audience you creating the app for. Is this app for your business, or is it something that is meant specifically to entertain? Is a little of both?

Second, begin drawing up different designs for how you want your application to look and be used. These can be simple stick figure drawings at first, but it is still wise to have more developed drawings as you go along. If you prefer, hire someone or find a friend who can help you develop clearer drawings to get your idea across. Clear and professional drawings make it easier to get funding or a professional company to develop and publish your application to all of the major stores. The ultimate point here is to flesh out your idea in a visual sense so that you and others have a clear idea of what you want out of your app.

Thirdly (this part is a little more complicated), develop the back end of your app. This part can be done yourself or through a trusted team of people dedicated to helping you with your application. The back end of your app is the part that makes everything function the way it's supposed to; if it is responsive, for example, then when a consumer scrolls down on their smart phone, it will do as expected. If a consumer goes and updates the application, then it should update as anticipated. (This is essentially why I suggest a team of individuals help with this part of the process, as this is fairly complicated for folks who don't know what they are getting into.)

Finally, find a team to help you get your application published and available through mainstream sources such as the Apple App Store or the Android Store. Do some research online to find great companies who will publish your application. Once your application is accessible to the public, you have succeeded in creating an application! Sound fun? Awesome! Now go out there and create!

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 1/25/2017 10:23:48 AM