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Lessons Learned in Creating Incrementally Through Agile

You've perhaps heard about agile development in the field of business web development, but probably didn't understand what some of the arcane terms meant. Much like agile marketing where all marketing agencies work together to create larger projects, agile development takes big web development projects and breaks them down into increments. Using terms like "sprints", which is a set amount of time web developers work to design a project, you can get your own web development done more efficiently.

Then you have even more offbeat terms like "scrum", which is an incremental process for big web projects. Apps, for instance, are a major aspect of all business web development that work better when design gets broken into parts. Because apps have multiple parts that need individual focus (as do websites), it's worth looking into a scrum approach.

As you work with this frame of mind, numerous teams go to work with sprints and focus on individual "stories" therein. Stories are all the details of each element of web or app development. When these have development teams working collectively, you can get your app out to the public in a shorter amount of time.

Conversely, some harsh lessons are in the national spotlight that show why the old waterfall approach no longer works for web development. By adopting an agile development philosophy with a development team, you can tweak things as they're created using customer feedback.

Finding Your Web Development Stories

When you work with a development team, you want complete transparency while developing an app for your business. We've adopted that approach here at Contensive where we'll create an app for your business by using the agile scrum process. This allows us to communicate better with you about what's involved in the app creation.

The question is what elements do you need in your app that we can work on in increments and stories so they have better cohesion? Finding features that connect better with customers can get a better sense of targeting using scrum development.

Creating Easier Navigation

We'll work closely with you on finding each story of your app and what needs the most focus to reach your customers. Navigation is something that needs particular attention using a simplified design policy. Since the most successful apps always have a simple interface and menu functions, we'll make sure this gets done the way you want it.

With the scrum development process in action, we translate how much the design is going to cost, how much time it takes, development details, plus doing reviews.

The latter is especially valuable because it creates a stronger sense of communication with you at all times. Agile development helps get everyone on the same page, including tapping into user response during tests.

A Strong Sense of Branding

Integration of your brand with the design of an app is an important focus our team can help become a reality. You're always in on the creative process so the branding on your app fits exactly with your image and company message. This includes a careful use of color and information about your products.

Branding also means real-time marketing tools so your customers can use the app while in your physical store. Product comparisons and quick information about products while on the go is a major part of mobile e-commerce now that you need to take seriously.

Lessons Learned in Using Agile Development

One of the most notorious cases of a website that didn't use the agile development process was Healthcare.org. Many wrote about the fiasco with the website and how it confused users after it went live due to lack of testing. It's a lesson of how efficient agile development is and why it pays to use a web design team using the same philosophy.

Contact us here at Contensive to find out more about how can help create a business website or app for you with complete life-cycle support.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 12/18/2015 11:14:38 AM