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Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile App Creation

It is not unusual for some small businesses to place too much focus on bringing in new customers and not enough on keeping their existing customers. However, this is a mistake because retaining existing customers is less costly than finding new ones. Depending on advertising and marketing expenses, getting a new customer may cost seven times more than keeping the repeat customer.

Repeat customers are already "sold" on your products and services but this fact can't be taken for granted. Efforts must be made to connect with them and to make them feel cared for. This will reduce repeat customer attrition and induce them to increase their purchases. The same efforts at retaining repeat customers should also be made with one time customers.

Increasing Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

Provide interesting and useful content. Providing content that your customers value retains their awareness of your brand at times when they have no immediate need for your products and services. Regular content updates will keep people checking into the app. The content will depend on the niche market that you serve and can be of a more general nature or personalized to the types of purchases made.

Provide customer loyalty rewards. These can include coupons, discounts, vouchers, prizes, and other incentives that only exist for the app user. This is important because it creates a feeling of exclusivity that makes them feel they are special to you. Loyalty apps that track purchases can segment their users into one time purchasers who require inducements to become repeat customers, as well as various tiers of repeat customers.

Tier your repeat customers according to their spending patterns. The metrics for measuring spending patterns would include average amount spent per purchase, purchasing frequency, and purchasing recency. The 80-20 principle often applies in that 20% of your repeat customers are often responsible for 80% of your profits. Retaining the loyalty of the top 20% should be your highest priority and your loyalty rewards should reflect this.

If you require mobile app creation that increases your customer's satisfaction and loyalty, contact us. We can build it and make it happen.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/19/2016 5:30:11 PM