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How Agile Development Sprints Work

Agile development sprints are an essential portion of agile work methods. During the sprint stage, a development project truly starts to take shape. It also un-shapes and emerges and then shapes itself again. If this doesn't seem possible, then read on to find out how a sprint works.

Mistakes and Dynamics

Very rarely do software programs work correctly the first time around. Code gets wrapped around itself, interfaces don't respond in the manner designers planned, and sometimes the client changes their requirements and specifications mid-stream.

Agile workflows take rapidly changing scenarios into consideration with the understanding that it is better to correct flaws as they happen than it is to apply bandages to a product.

Sprints and Iterations

Sometimes called iterations, sprints are the work portion of the agile development workflow. They usually last two weeks and end with a presentation of the work that was accomplished during the previous fourteen days.

Un-Shaping and Emerging

Sprints are a way to correct product flaws as soon as they happen.

At the end of the two-week period, when all parties engaged in the project put their pieces together, issues with the product tend to emerge. Since the product is still in development, its designers, developers, UI and UX experts, as well as others involved in product development can collaborate new solutions.

Flaws and strategies that don't work are un-shaped and new strategies emerge. These strategies are put into place during the next sprint. And the next, until the final product has fully formed.

Documenting Your Sprint

During the sprint, clients use the existing product and test for efficiency. Make certain to document your ideas and experiences during the sprint. Your notes and even your abandoned ideas might prove useful during collaborative sessions. What you abandoned in one sprint may very well hold the solution to a future issue.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/29/2016 11:31:04 AM