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Framework Updates for May 21, 2013

This is a quick list of tweaks that might affect or inspire you. Feel free to contact support@contensive.com or Dwayne@contensive.com with any questions or comments.

Search Engine Site Map

The search engine sitemap addon automatically and continuously submits pages on your site to search engines like Google. There is no setup, you just install it.

This week's changes add two new sets of links

  1. links to pages that are not on any menu and not displayed as child pages (excluding those marked as blocked)
  2. links to pages created within addons, like the detail page of every blog post.

Newsletter Addon Rewrite

The newsletter addon creates an online newsletter with issues, articles, article categories, archives, group-based article permissions and an automatic email.

This past month we have re-written a new newsletter addon (called "Newsletter 2" in the Addon Library). The primary change is to convert the html and stylesheets so they can be easily accommodate the horrendous limitations of email platforms. New sites will use it exclusively. Current sites will need to manually upgrade.

Ecommerce Online Checks

The ecommerce collection creates an account invoicing system on which all payment related addons will be based. It uses all major payment processors and includes online charges as well as automated recurring charges, invoicing, account statement and an online My Account page.

This week we added online echecks and primary/secondary payment preferences.

Membership Manager Reports

The membership manager collection creates a membership account system tracking multiple organizations and people per account. It uses the ecommerce collection to automate billing.

We added four reports with Pie and Bar Charts; Memberships By Type, Expirations by Month, Expirations by Membership Type, Renewals by Month.

Posted By Jay Kidwell | 5/20/2013 2:29:57 PM