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Five Tell-Tale Signs Your Company Needs a Mobile App: Brand Recognition to Happier Customers

Can you identify any of the tell-tale signs your company needs a mobile app in order to stay competitive this year? Perhaps you've noticed a downturn in business this year, or feel like your brand is just blending in lately with all your competitors. You're also probably seeing a lot of your competitors with a strong mobile presence and feel like you're falling behind.

Because mobile usage is soaring with consumers over desktops, a mobile app benefits you in more ways than you think.

Even if you're not sure how to begin, an expert designer can help you encapsulate everything about your company into an app everyone will love. We can do this for you here at Contensive.

First, though, take a thorough look at what's happening in your company over the last year. You'll see some things perhaps under the radar that an app can help repair for improved business and consumer trust.

Fixing Brand Recognition

It's not an easy business world out there with the likely dozens (it not hundreds) of competitors in the same industry you're in. If you're seeing signs that consumers can't tell you apart from someone else, you likely have a brand recognition problem.

An app works like both a cyber billboard and as a place where consumers assimilate your brand. You not only promote what products or services you provide in an app, you can design it with branding colors and use content that stands for your company ideals.

Don't underestimate the usefulness of color and unique app design since daily use by consumers makes your brand instantly recognizable everywhere they go.

Bringing More Value to Your Company

Have you had anyone tell you recently that they didn't buy from you because they didn't think they really needed your products? This shows an immediate lack of value in why you're in business in the first place. It's the last thing you want to hear, especially when already facing a downgrade in business recently.

A smartly designed app can provide a useful function or exclusive information that connects directly with your products or services. Whatever that function is, it should help consumers solve a problem while being simple to use.

Don't be afraid to include loyalty programs or other special features into your company app. This consolidates every useful function of your company into one digital location.

Being Visible at All Times

Having an app means your company has visibility at all times, which some of your customers have possibly complained about. When customers want a certain product or want to contact you at odd times of the night (or on holidays), it's not easy to say you're closed at those times. While your website is available at all times, an app provides more interaction for those on the go during every hour of the day.

Improving Customer Communication

One complaint you've maybe received in the last year is that your customers can't communicate with you easily without using roundabout email addresses. Or, they complain that because they're on the go so much, they can't contact you unless back home on their desktops.

With an app, you open a new channel of communication in real-time for mobile users. Live messaging features on your app can connect you with a customer immediately to take care of an issue, make a sale, or take a reservation.

Real-Time Offers

One thing you've perhaps noticed is that your competitors don't use real-time local marketing to capture local customers in the moment. On your app, you can send instant notifications about a sale taking place and make it specific to a particular location so you capture prospective consumers in the immediate area.

These type of unexpected surprises are what customers appreciate to liven up marketing and take on deals beyond the usual. Overall, your app connects to people on a more personal level, which is what most consumers look for today in all companies as a form of transparency.

Contact us here at Contensive and we'll design an app for your company that fits your brand so you stay on every consumer's mind.

Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 8/12/2015 4:14:36 PM