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Notes from Wireframe:

a. When email is required, validate that field has text, ?@? and ?.?.

b. Ajax calendar to standardize format of date fields.

c.  Pass paid book orders to Books International via their new web service.

d. Payment gateway will be authorize.net.

e. Support ad beacon tracking for completed sales.

f. Always compare the SSO release properties at every authentication to the existing data stored in the estore for that account.  We will pass all account data changes and purchase history with each authentication, and If there are changes you should update the estore with the new or different information.

g. The daily batch transfer out of the estore for account changes and purchase records  will no longer be done.  Instead we have a spec for a web service that you can use to  send us the same data in XML, and send it each time the an account record is changed or a sale is completed.

h. Include ability for an admin to comp the purchase of any product and have the purchase history for the account reflect the comp/sale for zero amount ? to just update the access control group is no longer adequate because the SSO integration is based on product codes, not on control groups.

i. Use content boxes for small blocks of copy instead of layout records

j. If providing public users a login you should always offer a logout on the site.

k. If creating a list add-on that goes to details page need to make sure the detail page has the ability to add its own meta content and open graph content for SEO.

l. Allow for grace period on Items. Grace period will allow the system to show pricing for items a user would not otherwise see because their membership is expired. Grace period will work with any Item on the site although it is intended to be used with the ASM Renew Membership Item.

m. When someone places a join or renewal item in their cart, they should then be granted access to all products that they would have access to once their membership product was purchased.

Changes made to the eStore application in August 2012:

  1. Users no longer get the cheapest product added to their cart if the item they selected is in the membership category. Instead they will have the product that contains the Member Type To Set drop down (in the product) value that matches their current membership type.

  2. If a user uses the link set up by ASM /renew to do one-click renewal, and does not qualify to renew, they will be taken to the order overview page with a message stating that they do not qualify to renew.

  3. If a user uses the link set up by ASM /renew to do one-click renewal, and does not qualify for their current membership type, they will be taken to the catalog page containing both join and renew items. Here they are given a message to select another membership type. Available membership types are based on ASM product rules and the user's current profile configuration. It is possible to not qualify for any renewal products if products are not set up to match the user's current profile. 

  4. Discount items/products should be removed from eStore if ASM does not want to give membership dues discounts.