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Contensive's eCommerce Add-on

Contensive eCommerce is a comprehensive tool that can easily be added to any site. It is ready to go out of the box or you can customize the look and feel and workflow to meet your site's needs. eCommerce provides robust online shopping cart functionality and seamlessly integrate into your web site.

- manage, create, and edit online catalog information

- Track inventory, pricing, promotions

- Auto generated shipping costs via UPS

- Online invoice payments

- Registrations

- Join forms

- Donation forms

- Discount Codes

- Price level discounts

- Personalized pricing

And manage and produce:

- accounts and account profiles

- deposits, pre-pays and partial payments

- payment profiles

- invoicing recurring and manual

- Referral codes and source tracking

- multi-state taxing

- manage accounts receivable and aging reporting and exporting into QuickBooks

It's a prebuilt eCommerce tool that integrates with all major Gateways, and is completely PCI compliant.

Flexible system, including account history and complete easy-to-use and read reporting, the eCommerce add-on allows you to work within the best eCommerce solution standards.