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Does Your IT Development Include Software As A Service

Software as a service development

Software As A Service gives companies great options for affordable software and IT infrastructure. Often though, companies are left with multiple apps, multiple sign-ins, multiple control panels and multiple headaches. Software As A Service should be easier to use than a perpetual license, and more functional, but often it just creates problems. Your IT development should include these following solutions for your software.

Integrated Control Panels

Every window or tab your browser has open increases the load on your processor. Computer processors slow down by keeping track of multiple processes, including overloaded web browsers, multiple applications running simultaneously and graphic processing between control interfaces. Many desktop computers can handle all of these well, just a little slower. Many tablets and smartphones get thoroughly overwhelmed by running too many processes at once.

Additionally, the mental processes of employees and other users get bogged down by multiple control interfaces. Keeping track of hotkeys, mouse/touch interfaces, and other unique issues for each application lowers efficiency each time a user has to switch between interfaces. Do customers have two different applications for making orders and tracking them? This increases the time it takes for a customer to learn your systems and get satisfactory answers to their questions.

One control panel for multiple resources can give your employees and other users the ability to efficiently handle their workload. Additionally, integrated control panels decrease data loss from switching information between programs either manually or via spreadsheets.

Password Management

Many SaaS programs are dedicated to each user. This means that if you are not signed into the program, the program does not work. For people using multiple accounts on multiple platforms (Facebook, Google+, your company CRM, Adobe suits and more), they must manage their passwords to save time and increase security. Creating one password the employee remembers opens your business up to hacking, but employees needing to reset their passwords every time they log in does not create efficient work habits. The right IT development can manage your password using secure master passwords which prevent cross-account hacking and give your employees ease of mind from only having to memorize one password.

Development as a Service

Because of the ease of cash flowing powerful software systems, companies are increasingly moving towards SaaS products. Because of the unique problems caused by SaaS products, companies are also learning the power of Development as a Service. In these instances, companies are relying more on 3rd Party specialists to customize and integrate web and mobile apps with their software solutions. This leaves in-house IT to focus on troubleshooting hardware and software and training other employees.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 2/2/2015 9:16:25 AM