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What's New List

How To Add Content to a ?What?s New?, ?What?s Related? box

Selecting the Contensive solution is one way in which you have proven your desire to provide fresh and timely content to your website visitors. One method to achieve this goal is to dedicate a special area on your website for dynamic content. Often this area is called "What?s New". It may also be called "News of the Month," "Featured Story," "Hot Projects" or anything that is relevant to your organization and your type of content. By now you have worked with the Contensive development team to designate and name these special content areas. With the Contensive solution, your web system will automatically populate these dynamic areas with the appropriate content, as it becomes available. The tool that makes this possible is the Content Tracking box.

The Content Tracking box is available for you to use any time you create a new web page. For details on how to create a new web page, please see the section of this manual called Adding Pages / Creating Child Pages.

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