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Sets the value of a field in the current record of the content set specified. The field is only saved if it has changed from its previous value. The exception to this is for fields of type TextFile, Image, and File. Calling SetCSField for these fields will cause as save, and update the modified name and date. To handle the modified date and name with a TextFile type field, use the SetCSTextFile call instead.

The value set is cached until:

  CSClose is executed

  SaveCSRecord is executed

  NextCSRecord is executed

  The page is finished and sent to the user


Call ccLib.SetCSField( CSPointer, FieldName, FieldValue )


CSPointer - Long Integer, pointer used to identify the result set.

FieldName - String, the name of the field affected

FieldValue - Variant, the value for the field, in the appropriate variant subtype for the field

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