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Send the email included in the arguments.

Returns a String, empty if the addresses appear correct, non-empty if there was a detectable problem with the email address.

The SendSubject and SendBody may contain ActiveContent elements.


Call ccLib.SendEmail(ToAddress, FromAddress, SubjectMessage, BodyMessage, Optional ResultLogFilename, Optional Immediate, Optional HTML)


ToAddress - String, email address of the recipient

From - String, email address that appears as the sender.

SubjectMessage - String, subject line of the email

BodyMessage ? String, body of the email.

ResultLogFilename ? The file of the server where the results of the send will be stored.

Immediate ? String, if true, the email is stored in an email cache on the server, and set through a server process, instead of the web application process. This delays the email by a few seconds, but does not hold the page up waiting for the mail server protocol.

HTML ? Boolean, if true, the email will be sent in HTML format. If false, simple a simple SMTP test email is sent. Note that SMTP email has a line length of 80 characters. If you send non-HTML email with a line length longer then 80 characters, the email server may not accept it.

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