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Saves any changed fields in the current record of a content set. A save is automatically performed when the content set is closed or the current record moves. Use SaveCSRecord when you want to save the ContentSet cache but want to leave the ContentSet pointing to the current record.

The content of a ContentSet created with OpenCSSQL can not be save, either directly with SaveCSRecord, or indirectly, with CloseCS or NextCSRecord.

This method has no effect if there are no changes to the content in the current record. This would be the case if no SetCS method was called, or if the values set matched the current values in the record.

With non-Workflow Authoring content definitions this method effects all fields that have been set using the SetCS methods. The Modified Date, and Modified By fields are automatically updated.

SaveCSRecord will, by default, call ClearBake for the content definition of the current record, unless blocked by the BlockClearBake argument.

With workflow authoring content definitions, with the site?s Workflow Authoring enabled, the edit record?s Modified Date and Modified By fields are updated, and other fields are saved as follows:

? Read-Only and Non-Editable fields ? both the live and the edit records are updated.

? All other fields ? only the edit record is updated. Note however, that these fields can only be updated if the ContentSet was opened with both WorkflowRenderingMode and WorkflowEditingMode true.


Call ccLib.SaveCSRecord( CSPointer, Optional AsyncSave, Optional BlockClearBake )


CSPointer - Long Integer, pointer used to identify the result set.

AsyncSave ? Boolean, if true, any record save will be performed after the method returns, if this is supported by the datasource.

BlockClearBake ? Boolean, if true, when the record is saved, baked files for the content definition for the record will not be cleared. See ClearBake for more information.


V3. BlockClearBake Added

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