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The Bake interface caches commonly used string with their Content Defintion context. If any record in the content definition is changed through a Contensive content interface, or the Admin site, the Cache is cleared and must be recreated.

To use this interface to store a value in cache, first attempt to read the value out of cache with the ReadBake call. If ?? is returned, create the string and save it with SaveBake. The next time it is needed is will be available with ReadBake, unless a record in the context (the content definition) has been altered.


ccLib.SaveBake( Name, Value, Optional ContentNameList, Optional DateExpires )


Name ? A unique name for the element to bake. Be sure to use all unique criteria in the name so two different elements could not share the same name.

Value ? The string value to be cached

ContentNameList ? a comma separated list of content names to be check for changes when the ReadBake is called for this name.

DateExpires ? if provided, the bake will return ?? after this date and time.

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