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Open a Content Set for a what?s new list. Use this method to create a custom linked list of the ?What?s New? items.

The What?s New list is a feature driven by the ?Content Tracking? section of the admin edit page for content that supports this function. By default, ?Page Content? supports this function. See the Contensive Developers Guide for more information on Content Tracking.

To use this method, make sure the content you wish to include has ?Allow Content Tracking? enabled, and the records you need to include have the appropriate entries on their admin editing page.

See OpenCSContentWatch for a list of fields that are returned.


Result = ccLib.OpenCSWhatsNew(Optional SortFieldList, Optional ActiveOnly, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber)


SortFieldList ? String, a comma separated list of field names that determine the order of the records in the result

ActiveOnly ? If true, return only active records

PageSize ? used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to

display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber ? See PageSize for a description.

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