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Returns a ContentSet with records that match the keyword, topic and content requirements provided. Keywords are ?AND?ed together and topic and content entries are OR?ed.

Text is searched as individual words, or phrases when surrounded with quotes. For instance, a search for [Africa Elephants ?Big Ears?] will only return pages that have the words Africa, Elephants and the Phrase ?Big Ears?.

Results are generated from the ?Spider Docs? content, not from ?Page Content?. That means the results include content not just from the dynamic sections of the site, but the static areas of the site, and of each page as well.

To associate the results to specific ?Page Content? records, you can use the ContentIDList, and all records will be joined to PageContent through the ?Content Watch? content.

Note that the only copy from the page that is indexed is that between the TextSearchStartTag and the TextSearchEndTag tags, as defined in their site property.

The following fields are returned in the result set.

[Spider Docs].Name AS LinkLabel (the Title of the HTML document)

[Spider Docs].Link AS Link (the URL)

[Spider Docs].BodyText (the text from the page that was between the TextSearchStartTag and the TextSearchEndTag, as defined in their site property)

[Spider Docs].LastModified as LastModified (the latest value from either the HTML modified date, or the modified date of any content on the page that is tracked with the TrackContent() method.

[Spider Docs].MetaKeywords as MetaKeywords (Meta tag)

[Spider Docs].MetaDescription as MetaDescription (Meta tag)

[Spider Docs].Length as Length (size of the original HTML document)


CSPointer = ccLib.OpenCSTextSearch( KeyWordList, Optional TopicIDList, Optional ContentIDList, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber. Optional LanguageID )


KeyWordList ? space separated list of keywords

TopicIDList ? comma or space separated list of TopicIDs. The result set will only have pages with content associated to these topics. Note that this will exclude all static pages as well.

ContentIDList ? comma or space separated list of ContentIDs. The result set will only have pages with content tracked to these Content Definitions. Note that this will exclude all static pages as well.

PageSize ? used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber ? See PageSize for a description.

LanguageID ? the ID of the Languages content for the results to return


V3.2.462 LanguageID Added

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