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Returns a content set of records that have been included in a specified Content watch list. For instance, the ?What?s New? is a special case of the Content Watch List. When a Content Manager checks the ?Include in What?s New? when editing their content record, a link to the public site page for that record is included in the ?What?s New? Content Watch List.

Other Lists can be created by administrators by adding them to the ?Content Watch Lists? content in the administration menu of the admin site.

The following fields are available in the Content Watch List:

? ID

? Link

? LinkLabel

? SortOrder

? DateAdded

? ContentID

? RecordID

? ModifiedDate


Call ccLib.OpenCSContentWatchList( ListName, Optional SortFieldList, Optional ActiveOnly, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber)


ListName ? The name of the Content Watch List

SortFieldList ? String, a comma separated list of field names that determine the order of the records in the result

ActiveOnly ? If true, return only active records

PageSize ? used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber ? See PageSize for a description.

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