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Content Files Manager

The Content Files Manager gives administrators direct access to the content files on your web site. The Content Files is the primary file storage area for files, logs, and large text in your site.
Please note that you should not change anything in the content files without a full understanding of how each of these files relates to the content on your site. Alwasy perform a full backup of your site, including your database, content files, and HTML files before managing your content files.
To access the Content Files Manager, go the the admin site and click the Administration menu:
Administration > Admin Tools > Content Files Manager
There is one special folder in the content files called "Upload". Any files in the Upload folder can be accessed directly on your site with the URL /Upload/filename.
The Upload folder is very useful when creating templates. For instance, if you use Adobe ImageReady, name your image folder "Upload". Then when you save the completed HTML template, all you have to do is upload your 'sliced' images to the Contensive Upload folder using the Content Files Manager, and save the Adobe created HTML as your template.

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