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Add-on Collections

An Add-on Collection is a group of resources that provide a single common feature. Resources can be settings, functionality for your site, background processes, database settings, references to other collections, and just about any of feature requirement.

A properly configured Add-on Collection can be distributed to any site and provide everything necessary to add the feature.

The Collection can be a group of files, or it can be consolidated into a zip format.

The Contensive Add-on Manager is used to unpack and install the Collection. To install an Add-on Collection from the Contensive Library, click on the Add-on Library tab, and check the Collection you wish to install.

If you have an Add-on that does not come from the Library, go to the Manual Installation tab, and upload the file(s).

A Collection consists of several basic file types:

  • An XML configuration file is required
  • Optional ActiveX DLL program files
  • Optional resource files to be installed to the website's root directory
  • Optional resource files to be installed in the website's Content Files directory

Thee files can be uploaded separately, or compressed into a single zip file for installation.


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