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'Contensive Cares' Program-- builds application for non-profit group providing computers to low-income and disabled

Phoenix computers is a nonprofit organization based in Rockville Maryland that takes donated computer equipment and then tests, runs diagnostics and upgrades  on those computers.  The computers are then redistributed at low cost to low-http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif income and disabled individuals and families as well as non-http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif profit, educational, religion-based, and charitablehttp://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif organizations that work with low and moderate incomehttp://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif families. 

Phoenix is an all-volunteer organization, and one of those volunteers, Jim Smith,  is a now retired client of ours who worked at Toll Brothers.  Jim called us up and asked if we could help him make their process more efficient. We of course said yes. 

Phoenix does not distribute directly to the public due to their licensing arrangements with Microsoft.  Instead potential clients are vetted by other non-profit organizations or government agencies which refer their clients to us to obtain a computer.

Jim wanted to set up an online registration for those organizations so they could log in and fill out the appropriate paperwork for the client.  When done the system would generate a PDF that that “buyer” then takes to Phoenix who can quickly scan the barcode on the PDF pull up the requested order and complete the transaction.

“Before we were doing everything by hand and the process was prone to errors including not correctly inputting the MS software license keys. Now we simply scan the PDF add any check the boxes for any additionals and the system generates a total and saves everything to the DB including the license information.” says Jim Smith. “This saves us a lot of time”.

It is estimated that every week more than 16 tons of http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif  computer equipment is thrown into local landfills. By http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif  donating equipment to Phoenix Computers for reuse instead http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif  of throwing it in the trash, you or your business supports http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif  green initiatives and at the same time help others in the http://www.phoenixcomputers.info/index_htm_files/0.gif  community. Because Phoenix Computerssm is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations may be tax-deductible.

Contensive Cares is a program that we started to help out community-based causes by providing low cost and in many cases no-cost web development and support services. If you would like more information about Contensive Cares email us at info@contensive.com.

If you would like more information about Phoenix Computers or to find out how you can donate your old equipment email PhoenixComputers.Questions@gmail.com, or visit their website www.phoenixcomputers.info.

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Posted 6/24/2013 10:37:54 AM