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Business Website Development means Fresh Content

Content is engagement. To engage with a customer you draw them into an interesting ongoing relationship, a relationship which keeps them returning to your website on a regular basis. Without dynamic content, your website may be superficially interesting, but it only holds the customer's interest for a limited period of time. Content as engagement means that the customer wants to return to your site because they receive something of value every time that they do.

Whether you sell a physical product or a service, you have a lot of competition online. Ask yourself what distinguishes your site from the competition, and then ask yourself whether you will even have the opportunity to show your stuff to the potential customer or whether your site will never even be looked at. There are tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) and to be sure, being at the top of a web search is valuable and worth pursuing. However, it is not enough to be high in search engine rankings.

While potential customers will search for a product on the web if they have to, before they even take that step, they search their own recollections and experiences. If they can recall a vendor who has captured their imagination, they will never even do the generic web search, they will look for that resource that they already know. A successful content as engagement strategy means to become the resource that people already know rather than the result that people search for.

It's not enough that a potential customer has seen your site a single time. Compare this to driving by a billboard advertising a plumber a single time. You have seen the advertisement, but by the time that you need a plumber in a year or two years, you have also seen a million other things. Now consider driving past the same billboard every day on your way to work. You are constantly reminded of this plumber, and though you still may not need a plumber for the same year or two, when you do need one, you will be more likely to think of what you have been seeing every day as you drive past it.

The same idea holds true of websites. Just because someone browsed your site a single time a year ago does not mean that they will remember you when they need your services. As with the commuter, the web user is bombarded with an ever-increasing amount of information, and if nothing stands out about your site, there is no reason that the customer will think of you first.

Content as engagement means that the customer will voluntarily come back to your site before they need you. They will remember that you exist out of the thousands of your competitors. Essentially it is stockpiling goodwill against the day that the customer needs a vendor like you. When that day arrives for the customer, you want to be the thing that the customer knows rather than the thing that the customer searches for.

Content as engagement obviously must change, be current, and develop continually. No matter how impressive your site is or profound your original blog entries, if there is no change in content, there is nothing to make potential customers come back to visit again and again. This increases the chance that they will forget you before they need what you provide. With dynamic content, customers come back just to see what you have to say and what you think. You become one of their sources of information, and that keeps you in the forefront of the potential customer's mind.

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Posted By Dwayne McGowan | 6/17/2016 3:02:22 PM