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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Contensive!

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 12/23/2013 1:26:21 PM
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4 Simple Ways To Improve Customer Service

As a marketer, you are probably constantly thinking of innovative and new ways to advertise your product or service. You probably spend hours trying to get into the mind of the “customer” and what it is they want. We’ve all seen the Progressive commercials where Flo is manning the imaginary Progressive retail store. Each ad displays a new story of ...

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 12/19/2013 4:43:26 PM
analytics multi-platform mobile app developer developer

Attention Mobile Developers

Last month Amazon released a free beta version of its new analytic and testing tools for mobile applications. With this tool, mobile developers can track the usage of applications as opposed to the number of times the application has been downloaded. It also allows for analysis of the different user experiences across iOS, Android, and Fire OS.  Fi...

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 12/6/2013 4:30:10 PM
native app web app hybrid app mobile app

A Native App, a Web App and a Hybrid App Walk Into a Bar and the Bartender says “We don’t serve your kind here”.

I was on the phone the other day with a client who works for a national trade association and they mentioned at the last board meeting that the “idea” of a mobile app came up. After a few questions it became very clear that the client didn't really know what they wanted or even necessarily why. They just knew based on the directives from the board ...

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 12/4/2013 4:02:17 PM
web application customized business

Customized Web Applications and their Benefits

Every business needs to store and share information among its employees and with customers. Customized web applications are essential for improving customer interactions and the management of data and communications among individuals. Below are some important reasons to develop customized web applications for your business. 1. Fulfill your unique...

Posted By Meghann Kinshella | 12/3/2013 1:24:40 PM