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Association Web Site Features

  • Content Management- Streamlines the creation and delivery of Web content by empowering content authors to use a Web browser to create, edit, and deploy information on a moment-by-moment basis, with an easy-to-use browser based interface.
  • Active Content Editor-The active content editor allows you create personalized and dynamic content from the site?s database. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to format content with functionality similar to the most popular word processors
  • Resource Library- the online resource library allows you create and manage a library of images, graphics and file downloads for placement on the site by content managers.
  • Dynamic Menuing- Allows the content managers to create content and have that content automatically included in the site navigation without the need for additional HTML programming.
  • Site Membership Management- Provides user and group management services. Maintains a database about all site participants including Members, Content Managers, Site Administrators, and Site Developers.
  • Blocking- Allows administrators to create password protected content on the page or section levelvia accessgroups.
  • Form Wizard- Add site interactivity and build online forms that save to your database and populate visitor records for additional marketing
  • Reports and Analysis- Creates sophisticated reports to track Web usage, popular sections and pages, drill down analysis of visitors and visits, and referring site reporting. Enables site administrator the ability to create custom reports.
  • Blogs-Build community and site stickiness with blogs by combining text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to the blog topic. Readers can leave comments in an interactive format that can be moderated or not.
  • Group e-mail- Enables personalized, selective bulk emailing capability from the Contensive Community user database. Track responses, auto recognize visitors, and segregate users for additional marketing capabilities.
  • Banner management- Allows for the placement of banners on the site and click-through data for analysis. Generate additional income or simply target messages to topic specific users.
  • Surveys- Create single or multi-question surveys to include on your site. Survey results can be tailored for the user to see the results after completion or the results can be blocked.
  • Dynamic Calendar- Provides the association with the ability to manage the calendar of events on the web-site in real time. Provides detail information and registration capability for each event.
  • Membership Forum- Facilitates the exchange of information within your membership. Allows for select groups to meet and discuss projects on-line and in a secure environment.
  • E-Commerce- Provides robust shopping cart functionality. Empowers a non-technical user to manage, create, and edit online catalog information. Provides tracking of inventory, pricing, promotions, shipping costs, and restock orders.
  • Dynamic Site Map- Dynamic site map automatically updates as you add pages to your site.
  • Link Lists- Allows dynamic generation of RSS feeds, What?s New lists and What?s Related navigation on the site.
  • Text Search- Provides spider generated search document for optimized results.
  • Site Sections- Provides administrators the ability to add top level sections to their site.
  • Link Forwarding- Allows administrators as easy straightforward way to create and managed vanity URLs on your site.
  • Meetings management- Powerful meeting registration tools allow you to provide online registrations for your meetings with easy integration for online payment. The registration builds based on the meeting parameters you set for each meeting and comes complete with full reporting and data export capability.
  • Workflow- Enables administrators to assign different content authors to manage different areas of the site. Also allow for rules based publishing authority ensuring quality control in your content.
  • Topic Mapping- Allows content managers to assign administrator controlled topics to site content. These topics can then be used to deliver topic related content to site members.
  • Open API and Open Source Add-ons- The API allows for rapid deployment of very deep out-of-the-box functionality and provides a platform for customizing any and all of that functionality. A large user groups of developers participate in the open source add-on library of web services to which all clients have access.