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Are You Losing Business with a Non Responsive Website?

Responsive web design

"It's fair to say that the web's moved beyond the desktop, and it's not looking back." - Ethan Marcotte

Anyone who wants the title of "web designer" should become well acquainted with Ethon Marcotte's seminal book "Responsive Web Design". However, even if you never have the intention of setting a CSS attribute with your own hands, you should have a strong appreciation for the design philosophy that has come to be known as Responsive.

For those unfamiliar or vaguely familiar with the term, it refers to a type of design in which web content adapts to the medium with which the user accesses it. The idea is fairly simple the techniques used to achieve it are anything but. However, it has become such an essential part of modern web design that in many cases we may not even be aware that we are using it. Users have come to expect web content to come to them fluidly and cleanly through their smartphones, laptops, and other devices so much that any online entity that doesn't deliver in this manner sticks out as an anachronism from the early 2000s.

We are "Not Looking Back"- and Neither Are Your Customers

Your users certainly do not want to use another decade's technology. They want the ease and natural feel that they have come to expect in the modern online ecosystem. A brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can render a website from practically any generation of the World Wide Web (even the first page ever), but that doesn't mean that the desktop-bound designs have any place on a mobile screen.

The Evidence

The subjective factors of why you may lose customers over non-responsiveness are fairly obvious. In addition, there is plenty of objective evidence for this outcome:

  • According to this piece from The Huffington Post, 30 percent of users looking to make a purchase through a mobile site will abandon the purchase if the site is not mobile-friendly.

How to Become Responsive

It is irrefutable that anyone with a web presence today needs Responsive web design. The good news is that it is a mature philosophy with a great deal of frameworks and tools that accomplished web developers can make use of. Contact us if your website is missing the Responsive feel that your customers have grown to expect.

Posted By Jay Kidwell | 12/19/2017 5:56:59 PM