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A Simple Exercise To Improve Your SEO

The first thing you need to do is determine what search terms or phrases you want to use when optimizing.  To do this think as a customer, 'if someone was looking for your product or service what would they type in to search for it'.  Look at your existing content assets. What are the most frequently asked questions? Which materials do the users engage to solve their problems now? Talk to the people who talk to your customers, the sales team and your customer service team.  If you have Contensive’s Google Analytics add-on installed, see what search terms people are using now to find your site.

Use this information to develop a list of search terms that you want your site to return in the results when searched.  Then create content pages around those search terms.  Incorporate those phrases/keywords in your headlines and in your content. Go to the meta data tab in your Contensive page records, and create page titles and meta descriptions using those search terms.  Go to the “Link Alias” tab in your page record and create a URL that contains the keywords.

Next, Google the keywords and see where your site is currently ranked (or use an online tool like www.sheerseo.com).  Then wait about a week and run the same search.  You should see a marked improvement in your rankings for the search phrases.

Remember this is just an SEO starting point and there are many other strategies you can and should incorporate into your site to increase your organic rankings.  If you want to discuss how your Contensive CMS can help with SEO and learn about additional tools please click here for more information.

Posted 11/17/2011 5:54:27 PM