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Website Development Process

Each website we build is unique, but the steps of the development process remain the same. Throughout the process, we interact with you for your feedback and insights on the website as it is being developed. Our proven development process ensures timely delivery of your website with the features you need to meet your unique business needs.

So how do we do it? We design our websites efficiently, through careful planning and specification. While there are parts of the process that can get very technical, what's even more important is our interactions with you to determine your unique business goals and requirements. We start by asking a lot of questions and as we build your desired solutions, we ask for constant feedback, to ensure your needs are met quickly and efficiently. This ensures that we meet our biggest goal - happy clients.

Like the traditional software development, the process of web site development can also be divided into different life cycle steps. At Contensive, we follow the steps outlined below to ensure your website is delivered in the timeframe you need it with the features you need to make your website work harder for you.  

1. Discovery

During Discovery the Contensive team will meet with your project team to determine the scope and establish the objectives of your web initiative. We provide creative web design, strategic branding, user experience consulting, Information Architecture review and input, wire-frame prototyping, brand messaging, online marketing and content organization strategies to support your organization's online goals.

2. Design

During the Design phase, we utilize the creative brief developed in Discovery to guide the direction of your organization's online presence. We work with your staff to review and conduct an analysis of your source content, such as provided presentations, materials, surveys, recommended websites, case studies, testimonials, etc.

3. Contensive CMS Implementation

During CMS Implementation our programming engineers build out all functionality based on the Technical Requirements Document (TRD) and wire-frames. They set up the back-office database and develop any synchronization strategies to legacy databases (if needed). Working with the design team, the engineers develop all of the customized add-ons, and install any standard add-ons that will be necessary to meet the requirements in the TRD to deliver the most powerful and flexible CMS system for your organization.

4. Site Launch

Deployment occurs when the project has QA, Project Manager, Development, and customer acceptance. The Developer then publishes any remaining changes to the production server. We work with you to ensure your DNS is set up correctly, schedule the switch, then test again to make sure everything works the way you expect it to work.