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Voting Collection

Allows users to include a voting ballot on their site. Multiple elections can be created and run at the same time. Elections can have a start and end date to allow precise control over cut off times.

To start create an Election. An Election with no start or end date is considered open indefinitely. The name of the Election is how it will be referred to when adding it to the site and also reporting on Election results.

Voting Positions are universal and will be used with any Election. A Voting Position will only display within an Election if there is a Candidate associated to a Voting Position and an that Election.

Election Ballot

Displays the Election Ballot for a specified Election. To specify an Election, use the Options tab for the add-on by turning on Advanced Edit. Select the desired Election from the select menu. If no Elections appear, add a new Election from the Admin Navigator under Manage Add-ons> Voting> Elections.

Each Voting Position configured for an Election will be displayed to the User until the ballot is complete. Users can only vote once per Election. If a User abandons a ballot and returns at a later point, the ballot will continue where the User left off.

Election Results Add-on

Use this add-on from the Navigator Tools to review the current voting results