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Visit Tracking and Visit Analytics

Contensive tracks page hits in two different ways, Visit Tracking and Analytics. Visit tracking a list of all page hits to the site. Visit Analytics is a summarized accounting of only the most important page hits.

Visit Tracking

Visit tracking include all hits from visitors, as well as Bots (Internet search engine programs), monitors, and content administrators and developers. Optionally, you can setup Contensive to remove Bot visit records as well (after about two hours)

Tracking gives you an up-to-the-second view of who is visiting the site and exactly what they are doing, down to the buttons they are hitting.

Visit Analytics

Visit Analytics information is calculated from the Visit Tracking logs and provides a snapshot of the most important numbers you need to track, like visits per hour, visits per day, etc. Visit Analytics excludes Bots, content administrators and developers, and ajax features.