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Truckload of Respect

Route Selection

When a user chooses SELECT A ROUTE on the home page, they are taken to a page where they can search for the route they want to select. If they are an independent contractor, they can check the box at the top of the page and enter a dollar amount to be considered for fuel subsidies.

To narrow the routes displayed, users can select from any or all of the following drop down menus:

Load Origination: Maine, Quad City, Kansas City, and Memphis Stops

Number of stops: Displays from available numbers in Truckload of  Respect Route Stops 

State: list of all states

Cemetery: List of all cemeteries from Truckload of Respect Route Stops

Based on the criteria, a list of routes will appear. If a route is pending or approved, no check box will appear. From available routes, the user checks the route(s) he wants to cover. The user then clicks CONTINUE to enter contact information and to SUBMIT his request.

Once a user submits a route request, a notification email will be sent to TCA, an auto responder thank you is sent to the user,  and any routes selected will be marked as PENDING. An administrator can then login and click on ADMIN, MANAGE ADD-ONS, TRUCKLOAD OF RESPECT, and then TOR ROUTE SELECTIONS. Click the paper/pencil icon next to the selection you want to review. If you want to approve it, select APPROVED in the STATUS field; if you want to reject the route for that driver, then change the STATUS to SELECT ONE.

Adding a new Route

Click Add within the TOR Routes content definition. Here add a name, origination and stops (number). To save, press the Save button.

Adding new Route Stops

Click Add within the TOR Route Stops content definition. Here select the Load from the drop down; set cemetery, city, state, zip. To save, press the Save button.


If someone wishes to make a donation, they will select either DONATE A WREATH or LEVEL 1 - SPONSOR A. These images are included on the home page by adding an item under MANAGE ADD-ONS, ECOMMERCE, ITEMS. The NAME field contains the text that appears on the image. Click on the TOR SETTINGS tab to choose the TARGET CATEGORY for the item, click on SHOW AS IMAGE, upload the IMAGE you want to use and in the DESCRIPTION field enter the text you want to appear when you hover over the image. Enter the price in the REGULAR PRICE tab. Click OK to save changes.

For items not included as images on the front page, enter them the same way, making sure to include the CATEGORY they belong to. For example, for the Patriot Pair item, you will select the category wreaths. You will NOT click on SHOW AS IMAGE in the TOR SETTINGS tab. Click OK to save changes.

If you want to display item buttons which display at the bottom of the Donation landing page, set up the item as described above but click on SHOW AS BUTTON from the TOR Settings tab. Click OK to save changes.