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TCA Dues Calculation in Join Form

Changing the Dues Calculation in the Join Form

To change the dues calculations in the join form, login and go to ADMIN. Click on MANAGE ADD-ONS, TCA and then one of the following, depending on which membership type you are changing:

For Hire Dues - these are dues options for For-Hire Carriers on the application 

Private Fleet Dues - these are dues for option Private Fleet on the application 

Associate Dues - these are dues for option Associate on the application 

School Dues - these are dues for option School on the application 

Once you open the correct carrier type, you will select the record for each revenue level. In each record you can change the revenue low and high amount, the base rate for that revenue level, and you can enter any surcharge that applies for each million over the base revenue amount.

In addition, some member types can select to join a division. In this case you will select either Refrigerated Dues, Open Deck Dues, or Independent Dues.