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Style Sheets (CSS)

Styles can be stored and maintained in several different ways, depending on how they are used, distributed, or edited.

Site Styles

Site Styles are entries that appear on every page of the site. A site could be created by simply adding every css Style into the Site Styles record.

Shared Styles

These are individual style pages that can be added to any or all templates individually. They are added by checking the appropriate checkbox in the template record. For instance, if you have two templates that are fundamentally that same, but have different style schemes (different colors in different site sections maybe), you might have two template records with exactly the same HTML, but different share style selections.

You can also use Share Styles to breakup your stylesheets into more managable units, like a reset style sheet, a home page style sheet and an interior style sheet.

Add-on Default and Custom Styles

Within Contensive, there can be many autonomous Add-ons. Each Add-on usually has its own style requirements. This is partially handled with the default and custom styles within the Add-on. When an add-on is installed, it adds its own default styles that are always delivered. In addition, if the designer wants to over-ride or customize the default styles, they can add them to the custom styles for that add-on.