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Sort Order

All pages in lists (i.e. child pag lists on the parent page or in flyout navigation) can be sorted by defining the sort order for the child pages on the parent page.  To define the sort order for child pages go to the navigation tab in the edit record for the parent page and select the sort order from the drop down in the field called "child pages sort method".

The following options are available:

  • By Alpha Sort Order - The lowest to highest record ID number
  • By Alpha sort Order Field - Sorts based upon the entry in the "Alpha sort order" field on the child pages
  • By Date - Sorts based on edit date oldest to newest
  • By Date Added - Sorts on date created oldest to newest
  • By Date Reverse - Sorts based on date newest to oldest
  • By Name - Sorts alphabetically on page name

Example: You have a parent page called "Who We Are", it has the child pages that display as below:

  • Staff
  • Board of Directors
  • Contact Us

Let's say you wanted the order to be "Board", then "Staff", then "Contact Us" you would go tot he parent page ("Who We Are") and change the "Child Page Sort Method" to "By Alpha Sort Order Field".  Next, go to each child page and in their respective "Alpha Sort Order" fields (found on the navigation tab), add an order in that field like the example below:

Page Name Alpha Sort Order Field
Staff bb
Board of Directors aa
Contact Us cc

Once you are done with your changes click "Save" or "OK" to save your work.