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Shopping Cart Settings

When you are logged on as an Administrator, you will click on the ADMIN button, and from the ADMIN page you will click on the MANAGE ADD-ONS folder. Next click on SHOPPING CART and finally click on SHOPPING CART SETTINGS. On this page you can control the general shopping cart properties.


Under the Catalog heading, you specify settings and text for how you want the catalog to appear on the page, which includes number of columns, items per page, labels for the various pricing options, and text to appear in various places on the page. Under this section you can also specify whether or not to show pricing, if everyone is able to order from your cart, whether or not custom prices are offered, and pixel width for images. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes. 


Under the Checkout heading, you specify e-mail addresses to be listed on the customer receipts and for the person at your company that must be notified of the sale in order to process the order. You also determine whether or not you want user information to be updated with a billing address, at what sales level (if any) you offer free shipping or price discounts, and what text you want at various stages of the sales process. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

Accepting Paypal Payments

Under the Paypal Payments heading, you specify whether or not you allow payment through Paypal, and if you do, you will enter your Paypal user name and Paypal URL, https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr.  With PayPal Express checkout, your visitors will see a PalPal link that takes them to the PayPal site to process charges. After the purchase is complete, they return to your site. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

NOTE: To accept payment via PayPal, you must create a PayPal account on the PayPal site.

Accepting Online Payments

Under the Accepting Online Payments heading, you specify which payment options you wish to offer, including COD, checks, billing and credit cards (including which credit cards you wish to accept). For each payment option, you can customize what text appears on the payment page and on the receipt. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

NOTE: To accept online payment, you must also setup Payment Process Settings under Payment Processing in the Add-on Manager.


All items that require shipping will provide shipping choices during checkout. When you install the shopping cart, numerous UPS shipping methods are made available. Check the boxes next to the UPS shipping types you would like to offer. Shipping charges are automatically calculated. If you wish to create new shipping methods based on the item price and weight, click on the ?Add a new shipping method icon? at the bottom of the Shipping section.

When you add a new shipping method, you need to add information, such as the name of the shipping method (e.g. US mail) and your pricing strategy.  You can charge a set amount per item in the base charge text box or you can charge by weight or dollar order amount. Check the ?Allow Price Level Free Shipping? box if you want to allow free shipping with this shipping method for orders over a certain dollar amount. You can also specify whether or not this shipping method can be used for international or domestic orders and the minimum and maximum number of days before a package will arrive with this shipping method.

If you decide to stop offering a shipping method, click on the check box to remove the check from that shipping type. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

Group Policies

Under the Group Policies heading, all groups in your database will be listed. Here you can specify any special discounts or custom prices for specific groups of people. You can also identify which groups are allowed to order if you did not check the box ?Allow ordering for everyone? under the Catalog heading. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

NOTE: There are two kinds of Group Discounts, Custom Price Discount and Percentage Discount. When Allow Custom Price is checked, members of that group will be eligible for the 'custom price' on any item. When a non-zero Percentage Discount is entered, anyone in that group receives that discount off of the 'Regular Price'. The final price for each item, labeled with the caption 'Your Price', will be the lowest of the calculated price for each pricing strategy.

Sales Tax

All states are included in the database. However, for states that you are required to charge a sales tax when shipping an item to that state, you need to enter the appropriate tax rate for that state. To enter the sales tax percentage for a state, click on the ?Edit States? link from the ?Shopping Cart Settings? under the Sales Tax category. You will then see a list of states. Click on the paper/pencil icon next to the state for which you want to enter a sales tax. On the next screen type the sales tax rate in the ?Sales Tax Percentage? text box. For example, if the state?s tax rate is 5%, you would type .05 in the text box. When someone from that state places an order, the tax amount is automatically calculated and added to the invoice. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

Inventory Management

Check Allow Inventory Management (if you want to enable this feature) and enter an e-mail address to notify the person specified when an item?s quantity is low. Click on SAVE or OK when you are done making changes.

To use this feature, for each item in your inventory, you must first enter the ?Quantity on Hand? and ?Low Quantity Alarm?. These fields are accessed when you are in EDIT mode by clicking on the paper/pencil icon for each item. This takes you to the features tab to enter the information. Each time an item is purchased, the quantity on hand is decreased automatically. When the quantity is below the Inventory Low number, a notification is sent by email.