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Go Live Settings Checklist

Before a site is moved from the test server to the live site, the Payment Process Settings and Shopping Cart Settings must be set properly.

Payment Process Settings

Make sure the correct payment process method for the site is enabled. Check the user name, password or other authentication field required. Also, make sure that the setting is no longer in test mode.

Shopping Cart Settings

Email from-address for order receipt: Enter the email address that should be listed as from address on receipts.

Email notification to-address: Enter the email address for the person to be notified when an online sale has been made.

Check payment box for all payment types allowed on the site: PayPal, Check, COD, Credit Card, etc.

If Credit Card Payment is accepted: Check types of credit cards allowed: Discover, MC, Visa and AMEX

Shipping Methods: Set up all available shipping methods for the website

Shipping Charges: Determine shipping charge for each method - flat rate or by weight

Tax: Specify which states require that tax be collected when they ship an item to that state and the tax rate for each state.